Our story

gelados cone permarcati

Our story


Permarcati was born in Leiria in the summer of 2007, to offer and introduce unique flavors of handcrafted products.

Created a well-being and cosy space, with quality and fancy costummer service.

Permarcati was the result of a project of two dynamic, creative and enterpreneur young people who brought together the knowledge and tastes to produce the truest flavors of homemade ice creams, homemade sweet and savory crepes, traditional bread toast, hot teas and chocolates (…) and a wide range of products.

On January of 2015, moved our facilities to the historical area of Leiria, to a bigger space. In this new space, in addition to the wider space to serve our customers, we also have a larger production area. The area where the icecream was made grew, and this is the most important Permarcati area.

Throughout this process of growth and learning, we have also been developing and deepening knowledge in other areas, improving and developing other products and opening “doors” to other emerging projects.